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BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly
BugMD Bar Fly

BugMD Bar Fly

4.8 star rating 33 Reviews

BarFly is a discreet way to help flight flies and other flying insects. It lures these winged pests into a V-shaped trap coated in extra sticky PermaGlue. Once they land inside — it’s game over. Best of all, BarFly’s sleek and stealthy design perfectly hides deceased insects from sight. No mess. No more swatting bugs!

  • Protection From Flies & Other Bugs

  • Non-Toxic & Safe When Used As Directed

  • Elegant, Bug-Concealing Design

  • Convenient, Replaceable Sticky Traps

  • Works On Any Glass Window

  • Quick & Easy Setup

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BugMD BarFly: Fight Flies & Pesky Bugs Without Risky Chemicals

Irresistible Honey-Flavored Bait

Barfly’s ultra-sticky glue trap is infused with a honey-flavored bait which flies can’t resist.

Designed To Trap All Types Of Flying Bugs

BarFly is designed to trap flies, gnats, moths, and any other type of annoying flying insect.

Safe Around Kids & Pets When Used As Directed

No harsh chemicals or odors. Plus, the sticky trap is housed in a sturdy plastic cage, helping to prevent accidental contact.

Double-Strength Sticking Power

BarFly’s sticky traps use a strong adhesive to ensure that once a fly gets stuck, it’s stuck for good.

Works On Any Window

BarFly’s powerful suction cups easily stick to any window and are designed to stay secure without falling down.

Durable, Bug-Concealing Tray Design

Made from long-lasting ABS plastic with a sleek, modern design that hides dead bugs out of sight.


Wipe-Out Flies & Other Flying Insects

Sticks To Any Window

BarFly’s powerful suction cups easily adhere to any window – big or small – and stay up for months without falling down.

Effective On All Types Of Flying Bugs

BarFly is effective at trapping flies, gnats, moths, and any other type of flying insect.

Safe Around Kids & Pets

BarFly contains zero chemicals or odors. Plus, since the trap is housed in a sturdy plastic cage, it poses no danger to kids or pets.

Double-Strength Sticking Power

BarFly’s sticky traps use an incredibly strong adhesive to ensure that once a fly gets stuck, it’s stuck for good.

Traps Bugs Instantly On Contact

The moment a bug makes contact with the powerful adhesive strip, they’re permanently stuck!.

Durable Plastic Cage

The plastic cage that houses the sticky traps is built to last. Unlike other fly traps, it’s designed to conceal the deceased flies so you don’t have to look at gross dead bugs.

The Natural Power of The Sun

Attracting flies with the thing they love the most: light.

Positive Phototaxis

BarFly combines positive phototaxis — the uncontrollable attraction of insects to light — and a honey-infused, V-shaped sticky trap to create a powerful bug-luring device that flying bugs can’t resist.

Homeowners Use BarFly to Address These Bugs

House Flies

Fruit Flies







How to Use BugMD BarFly

Just 3 simple steps to fight flies and other bugs at home!

Step 1

Lightly wet the suction cups and firmly place the BarFly housing unit on a window anywhere you’re having a bug issue.

Step 2

Unwrap a BarFly strip and peel off the safety film, revealing the sticky interior.

Step 3

Place the sticky strip into the housing unit and wait for flies to get trapped. Once the strip fills up, dispose of it and repeat the process.

BugMD: Good for Families, Bad for Bugs

No Harsh Chemicals

Uses Natural Sunlight

Irresistible Bait

Safe For Your Family
When Used As Directed

Hides Trapped Bugs


Real families. Real results.

Don't take it from us. Here’s what BugMD costumers have to say:


Great fly catcher! ​​I was doubtful but needed to try anything but the window flycatcher worked wonders! It captured SO many flies and made a huge difference on our fly problem!


Best bug trap! So easy to set up and it's ready to get the critters right away! Love how it works on a window where they seem to congregate. Highly recommend this product.


Exactly as advertised. The product arrived quickly and was easy to place on the windows. It sits decoratively and awaits the unsuspecting fly.


Waited until it was dark and turned it on. Got lots of mosquitos and bugs. Will be buying more of these. Great product and great service.


Quite small but it’s zapping inside bugs! Really like being able to recharge the batteries.


Works better than expected!

*Results may vary.

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BugMD's 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

When your package arrives, use BarFly for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply contact our Customer Support Team by email at support@getbugmd.com or by phone, toll-free, at 1-(949)-502-0148 and one of our agents will handle your return.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the BugMD BarFly work?

BarFly works by combining positive phototaxis (the attraction of insects to light) with a V-shaped sticky trap to create a powerful bug-control device. BarFly easily mounts on windows, where insects like to hang out. When they flock to the area, the double-strength adhesive trap infused with irresistible honey flavor catches them fast. The trap itself is hidden inside a sleek, latticed tray which conceals the bugs and prevents them from flying away.

Where can I use BugMD BarFly?

Any window where insects enter or leave your home is ideal. Flying bugs prefer glass windows with light- and heat-reflecting surfaces. You can change locations periodically to capture more insects or simply order a larger quantity of traps (which come at an even deeper discount).

Is BarFly safe around kids and pets?

Definitely! Barfly is safe for the family when used as directed because it doesn’t use any harmful toxins or chemicals. Plus, BarFly’s high-quality plastic tray prevents direct contact with the sticky trap inside the device, helping to protect the skin from coming in contact with the adhesive. However, the trap inside is incredibly sticky, so it’s best to place it high up, out of reach of pets and little ones!

How long should I wait before replacing the traps?

That’s up to you! BarFly’s traps stay sticky for a very long time. However, BarFly may lose some effectiveness once it becomes full of flying bugs. Luckily, replacing the traps is a cinch!

What happens if I run out of traps?

Currently, replacement traps are only available on the BugMD website. We offer boxes of 6 traps with an added discount if you sign up for our subscription club. That way, you’d receive a replacement pack every month.

What if I’m not happy with it? What is your return policy?

If your experience with BugMD BarFly has been less than satisfactory, don’t worry. We offer 30-day protection on all orders. Simply contact our dedicated customer service team and they’ll gladly handle your return.

How long does it take for BugMD BarFly to arrive?

All U.S. orders ship in 5-8 business days from our warehouse!